Welcome to General's Fall 2013 WDI Yearbook.



Mastered Ruby on Rails along with exposure to cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone and Angular.JS.


Cranked out HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery to build stylish, flexible, and responsive web applications.


Integrated SQL databases to create fully functional and full-stack web applications.

Computer Science

Covered data structures and algorithms to optimize program web application efficiency and scalability.


At General we acquired a work-ready skill set and fluency in full-stack web development.

Every student in our cohort developed their own portfolio that showcases their fluency in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Backbone, Angular.JS, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and more!



Meet the students of the Web Development Immersive program at GA.

New York | Boston | Tennessee | Houston

This cohort was huge. Students came from all over the world. Some traveled all the way from England, Australia, and Germany!

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Leon Acosta


Francisco Alberini

Prior to WDI, Francisco spent 6 years getting his hands dirty in all things social media. He built the social media strategy for Publishers Clearing House, and developed a social media agency business while product managing an enterprise social media management platform at Adworthy Inc. Realizing that his true passion was in web development, Francisco moved to San Francisco from New York and joined the Web Development Immersive program at GA. Francisco is excited to embark on this next chapter as a full-stack web developer with an eye for product and strategy.


Leder Feier

Agile Family


Lo Benichou

Lauren Benichou is a multimedia journalist and web developer. After a few years as a radio journalist (NPR, KQED), Lauren decided to switch gears and learn back and front-end web development. She is also known as a “javascript journalist” and thrives to give online content a life of its own.


Wes Cargen


James Casey

James was introduced to the technology world during college, and subsequently went on to earn a degree in 3D animation from Savannah College of Art and Design. He was recently introduced to the programming side of the tech industry, and he hasn't looked back since. James successfully completed General Assembly's intensive web immersive program, and continues to devote his time to expanding his skills as a web developer.

Goodwill Tracker


Marco Cerna

Marco’s interest in web development grew out of many other passions. After studying economics, journalism, and political science, he worked in politics and as an educator. Attempting to teach himself to build an app for classrooms, he decided that writing code was his true calling. Through WDI, Marco has honed his skills as a full-stack Rails developer with a particular affinity for bending Javascript as far as it can go. His next goal is to refine his skills in cutting-edge technologies, especially Javascript-based ones such as Angular and Node.js, and he continues to work on building apps that help people learn.





Nico Crisafulli

Nico's background is filled with enabling travel and indulging in it, creating art and taking fancy pictures. He ended up giving in to the coding bug this year and taking an immersive web-development course in San Francisco that would end up blowing his little mind. He has a 2-year-old son who does that exact thing every single day.




Spencer Eldred


Santiago Gomez

Santiago has spent the last few years working in finance and renewable energy, living abroad in Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Despite graduating with a Computer Engineering degree, he never worked professionally in the tech industry, but his experience in other fields made him realize how much he loved software. After spending some time slowly trying to learn on his own, Santiago decided to join GA in San Francisco to kickstart his new career in web development. He is a javascript lover, fluent in Spanish and English, and is ready to use his new full-stack development skills to create amazing apps for people around the world.




Stephen Johnston

Stephen is an experienced software engineer with a broad range of experience in engineering and development (desktop, web, and mobile apps, internationalization, and localization), program/vendor management, and formal team management.Stephen's education includes a BSc(hons) in Comp. Sci., an MSc in A.I., and an MBA, with continuous professional training from roles in both small and large companies including Yahoo!, Microsoft, and PayPal/eBay. Recently, Stephen has been extending his hands-on full-stack web dev skills in GA's WDI program (including Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, SQL, Redis, Git, Heroku etc...). Stephen is seeking a challenging position with creative opportunities to grow and make a positive game-changing difference. Please visit for more information.



Bryan Kahler

Bryan loves to play basketball, go to comedy clubs, and writing web apps. Bryan hates carnival rides and does not believe in ghosts.

Roomie Karma



Mike Kyriacou

Mike Kyriacou is a serial entrepreneur and investor from Australia with characteristic wildly long hair and an unplacable ‘foreign accent’. Mike has founded and built a number of for-profit and non-profit ventures, typically involving fun or creative applications of some interesting aspect of engineering, finance or entertainment. He has a passion for exploring new or complex ideas, meeting people and crafting elegant solutions that optimize across resources, usability and target market.At the time of writing Mike is the equivalent of a clumsy star wrestler in web development: Lots of power and potential but not yet ready for World Tap Dancing Championships.

Sara LaFassett

Sara got involved in the tech world when she was 15 as a Quality Assurance Analyst. She spent 2 years in high school testing insurance rating software (yawn) before moving to San Francisco to major in Sociology at the University of San Francisco. After a few years dabbling in other industries, Sara realized that software development was her true calling. She prefers to work with the full stack, and is quickly falling in love with robust javascript apps built with backbone. Her next goal is to improve her skills in javascript test frameworks. Testing is key! When not writing apps, Sara enjoys cooking and tries to spend as much time sewing as she does ripping out stitches. She also has an unreasonable love for period British dramas and has seen every film incarnation of Sense and Sensibility. She lives in Concord (which is definitely in the Bay Area!) with her husband, Zeph, and their two fluffy cats, Azrael and Jake.

Dash Run

Leder Feier

Lunch Counter


Kristine Lai

Hi, I'm Kristine. I've built storm drains and pump stations at my previous job as a civil engineer. Best part of being an engineer is the challenge of solving problems using what is available to me, and I enjoy finding new ways of tackling old problems. I am looking for opportunities where I can continue to learn and improve my web development skills.

ThirtyFive Studio


Field Inspector


Jason Levy

Jason was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated from Cornell University as an Economics major. He has worked in finance, consulting, and his own entrepreneurial business. He is passionate about building and developing great things to help people in their lives.


Advise Me Wisely

Group Guidance


Jennie Louie

During my stint at WDI, I was drawn to making apps to automate tasks and make life a little easier. Prior to WDI I was an environmental engineering consultant and manager specializing in air quality. I want to use my web app design and project management skills to develop tools that address diverse challenges in various sectors.




Amy MacKinnon

Amy has been passionate about technology her entire life and started building websites in 1999. She took General Assembly's Web Development Immersive to increase her skills in back-end development and jumpstart a career in web development. Before attending General Assembly she worked as a freelance graphic designer, specializing in print design.





Tejas Mehta

Having a love for coding was never the problem, rather being around it was at first quite rare. That changed when I started where I quickly had to learn the many concepts of web design and development. This passion and intrigue led me to learn more on my own and to eventually enroll in General Assembly's WDI program. I look forward to the next challenge where my entrepreneurial background is merged with my love for coding.



Hacker Corral

Togs Twitter


Christian Nelson


Miriam Neubauer


Steven Noe

Post-graduation, Steve returned to the LA Area, rejoining Small Dog Creative, Santa Clarita's Best Web Design Company, as a Web Developer to gain the repetitive experience necessary to become proficient at the skills acquired at GA. And towards continuing on the path of code enlightenment and becoming involved in the community, Steve established three regional Code for America Brigades (Santa Clarita, Ventura, and Santa Barbara). Finally, GA gave Steve the confidence and ability to pursue his dream of establishing Entrypreneurs, a non-profit educational institute that will teach business and technology to those less fortunate.


Francisco Orozco

Alex Sanchez

Jee Song

Prior to joining WDI, Jee worked at a non profit consulting firm where his work involved helping school districts implement new funding formulas for students. Now with the help of WDI, he seeks to build education tools that are engaging and accessible to all students.


Shindo Strzelczyk

Shindo grew up in Michigan and moved to San Francisco after high school to study Zen Buddhism. He went on to attend UC Berkeley and studied in France before earning a bachelor's degree in linguistics. Having designed several websites since middle school, Shindo chose to pursue a career in programming to challenge himself and prepare for graduate study in cognitive science. His main interest in web development centers on finding new ways to use technology to bring people together socially and politically.




Seimith (Smith) Suth

One of the first things I did when I got my first computer in 2000 was get an account at and learn HTML and CSS. Over the course of a few years I lost sight of my passion and began to follow the prospects of big money and majored in Financial Mathematics in college. I held a plethora of Finance and Accounting internships while working full-time during those four years of hell. When I finally graduated I realized that I made an unsatisfying choice and wanted to pursue a career that would give me intrinsic happiness. I wanted to do something that was mentally stimulating and something that was magical. I snagged up a job after college, saved a few quarters and lint in my pocket, and moved from Boston to San Francisco in September 2013 to pursue Web Development.






Imogen Wentworth

I’m a developer with a passion for branding, design and usability. My interests lean towards the front end, because I love to make beautiful, useful things. Having said that, my current obsession is playing around with server-side JavaScript frameworks (namely Node.js and Meteor). Before WDI, I was a copywriter for a creative agency, working on campaigns for global consumer brands. I became a developer so I could build things people want.

Word Nursery



Luke Whiting

Luke Whiting is a full-stack web developer with a diverse background ranging from startup sales to healthcare. Passionate about crafting elegant products and delightful user experiences, Luke is currently looking for a challenging entry-level development or product management position with a great team. Luke resides in San Francisco, where he enjoys exploring the city as it’s meant to be explored: on two wheels.





Dana Wright

I'm a world traveler and surf bum cleverly disguised as a web developer. Since it became clear that just being worldly and sporting a tan does not a successful dude make, I’ve focused my energies on the web, which happily has proven to be an awesome decision. I experiment with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript more-or-less constantly; dabbling with PHP and Ruby; and inhaling a wide variety of potentially useless information through a few hundred RSS feeds. Through this process, I’ve managed to build a number of sites that are fun, engaging and serve a genuine purpose.

Chartify Me

Cousin Gift Exchange


Richard Yang

Brewing Data





Responsive Design

A Book Apart

Number Four



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